2018 Steelers Football Pool

Holy Trinity School

We are hoping to have five pools this year. Each completed pool brings in $3,200.00 for the school.

There are 100 squares on the pool with each square costing $80.00 (this is just $5.00 per week). The weekly payout will be Halftime - $100.00 and Final Score - $200.00. Assuming all squares are sold, the total payout for the pool is $4,800.00 and the School profit is $3,200.00. The numbers are drawn for each weekly game, therefore, your numbers should be different each week. You will receive all 16 games prior to the start of the season via email.

Questions? Call the School Office at 412-787-2656, Dave or Kristin Thomas at 412-671-1363 or email at kmehno2002@yahoo.com.

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