Young Adult Ministry

Adults, ages 18-39, gathered together to celebrate life, to celebrate Christ, and to celebrate our awesome Catholic Faith. We are single, married, married with children, discerning religious life, seminarians, businessmen, teachers, nurses, academics, carpenters and more! All are welcome – no matter where you are in life or in your journey with Christ, you can find community here!

Our Mission

The mission of Young Adult Ministry at Holy Trinity hinges upon evangelization and catechesis. Together, we want to know Christ and equip ourselves to share the Gospel with others in the parish, our workplaces, our schools, and beyond.

Upcoming Events

What we do

YAM at Holy Trinity has two events every week: Taco Tuesday, and fellowship after the 7pm Sunday night Mass. Other social and service events happen spontaneously throughout the year.

Taco Tuesday (EVERY Tuesday, 6:00pm) was, at its inception, a grassroots gathering of friends who wanted to come to know Christ with one another. Now, a few years later, it has grown into a community gathering of young adults (typically 25 or so every week) who are consistently drawn from all over the diocese to our parish.
In light of the Church’s call to the New Evangelization, we are using something simple – tacos – to draw us into weekly prayer, Catholic friendship and community, and study of scripture and/or Church documents. Here are some things that we’ve done at Taco Tuesday in the recent past:

  • Biblical exegesis on the Gospel of Luke
  • Deep reading/discussion of Porta Fidei, Pope Benedict’s encyclical to open The Year of Faith
  • Lenten Silent Retreat led by Father Joe Freedy
  • Christmas Caroling to parish shut-ins
  • Worship Tuesday (contemporary communal worship in an intimate setting)
  • Fellowship for parents with young children
  • Weekly discussion/reflection questions on the Gospel for the following Sunday
  • Speakers (about) once a month. Past speakers: Bishop Zubik, Father Joe Freedy, Fr. Frederick Gruber, Fr. Dave Pivonka, T.O.R., Dr. Patrick Doering (Christology, Duquesne University), et cetera.

Sunday Night Fellowship – Every Sunday evening, following the 7pm Mass, we go out to eat/have drinks somewhere in the Robinson area. We get to know one another, support one another, and build community.

So, if you are a young adult, please join us anytime! We have a very diverse group of people who would love to get to know you and to grow with you as we all ask God to help us be “the best version of ourselves.”

Additionally, if you are a “young-at-heart” parishioner and curious about what we do at Taco Tuesday, feel free to join us as a guest sometime! We would love to share our joy with you.


Here are a few quotes from participants in Young Adult Ministry about how our parish has affected their lives:

We have a very dynamic Young Adult Ministry at Holy Trinity. It's wonderful balance of spiritual camaraderie and social activity. Since the first night I joined the group, everyone has been overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming. I love the group participation at Bible studies and how we can challenge each other in our faith, typically without using words. The people I've met through YAM at Holy Trinity are now among the best of my friends. God is so clearly at work here and I thank Him for leading me to this group of people and working in us.
– Chad

As a newcomer to the Pittsburgh area, I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to the Taco crew. Moving to a new city can be a really isolating experience, but everyone in the Young Adult Ministry at Holy Trinity has welcomed me with open arms (literally!). The discussions that we've had about prayer and trusting God have inspired me to dive deeper into the faith and make my life a reflection of it on a daily basis. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow within this wonderful community!
– Shannon

In a society that pulls young adults in so many directions and fills our minds with so many lies, I am so incredibly thankful for the Holy Trinity Young Adult Group. As I transitioned out of college life and into my career, I was definitely seeking a place for me to both grow in my faith and make lifelong friends. I found both at Holy Trinity. I am not from the area, and my first time at the 7pm Sunday Mass I was welcomed with friendly faces who were genuinely interested in getting to know me. As I continued to come back week after week, I started to truly see the beautiful hearts behind the smiling faces. I have learned so much about friendship, life, and the Lord through this young adult group. Taco Tuesday is one of the highlights of my week. Not only do I get to learn more about my faith, but I get to do so while laughing and having fun with my newfound friends.
– Katrina

Holy Trinity Young Adult Ministry has brought so much joy to my life! After going through a rough patch a year ago, the friendship and fellowship offered by this wonderful group helped me to find God's love again and feel more strongly connected to my faith. I am so grateful for these new friendships and a deeper relationship with our Lord!
– Alaina

Even though I attended my first Taco Tuesday last week, I really enjoyed the discussion and meeting all the people. I look forward to [next Tuesday] and future events with the Holy Trinity Young Adult Ministry!
– Michael

Holy Trinity Young Adult Ministry is exactly what my soul craves as a young adult Catholic. I have grown spiritually and also have found fellowship with some of the most amazing people I have ever met since becoming a part of the ministry. This ministry is truly a blessing to me and to many others.
– Ashley